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  • Carolyn L. Baker

Listen to an interview with Carolyn Baker and Landis Wade on Charlotte Readers Podcast...

Show notes:

"In today's episode, we visit with Carolyn Baker, author of “An Unintentional Accomplice: A Personal Perspective on White Responsibility,” a narrative of one woman’s path to confronting internalized racism, white guilt, and the complexities of racism in America. ⁠ Carolyn was 62 years old when she learned about the murder of Emmett Till, which sparked a personal investigation into her own personal biases. Starting with her cookie-cutter upbringing in Southern California, Carolyn confronts white privilege with directness and honesty.⁠

Carolyn lives in her native Los Angeles where she is proud to be challenging the status quo along with the multicultural authors of the Black/Brown female-led 2Leaf Press. "⁠

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