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About the Book

What happens when you are a 62-year-old white woman who discovers the story of how Emmett TIll, a 14-year black boy was beaten beyond recognition? If you are Carolyn L. Baker, you look deep within yourself and then begin writing about your life as an unintentional accomplice to racism. Baker shares her journey from a Southern California suburb, coming of age in the counter-cultural 1960s, and graduating into the real world with a mantra many had back then... "I'm free, white... and 21!"

Now, eyes wide open, Baker calls out her own implicit bias and shines a light on the extra comfort, power, privilege, and other benefits being white brought her.


AN UNINTENTIONAL ACCOMPLICE follows Baker’s exploration of topics as diverse as social consciousness, social service, Womanism, identity groups, and the illusion of separateness. In this intimate narrative, Baker acknowledges her own lack of empathy as the by-product of whiteness.  Her reflections are raw and vulnerable as she shares her incredibly unfiltered journey from indifference to involvement. By tolerating the discomfort of confronting sensitive issues, Baker deepens her personal commitment to inclusivity and diversity. An Unintentional Accomplice is a painstakingly researched and honest account of one woman's desire to ensure safety, respect, dignity, and opportunity for all people. 

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208 pp. | 5” x 8”
ISBN: 978-1-940939-23-0

(pbk.) JUN. 2020 ISBN: 978-1-7346181-2-9

(ebk) APR. 2020 LCCN: 2019930234
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