About the Author

 AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR CAROLYN L. BAKER had a thirty-year executive career in nonprofit settings as wide-ranging as Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles to the Clinton Global Initiative, Today, Baker continues her work as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultant. Formerly an adjunct professor in the community college systems, Baker earned a graduate degree in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Development from Northern Arizona University.  The author lives in her native Los Angeles where she is a blogger and Guest Columnist for the Los Angeles Free Press   Her monthly e-newsletter is dedicated to helping ensure safety, respect, and dignity for all people. Baker is committed to providing education for her clients to better serve diverse communities,; to effectively supporting her diverse clients; bringing diverse voices into the spotlight; and sharing and celebrating all that makes us unique.  Baker is proud to be challenging the status quo along with the multi-cultural authors of the black/brown female-led 2Leaf Press. Baker's debut book,  An Unintentional Accomplice: A Personal Perspective on White Responsibility is a Non-Fiction Authors Association Silver Award recipient. Baker's forthcoming book, DISPATCHES, From Racial Divide to a Road of Repair. is underway.