AN UNINTENTIONAL ACCOMPLICE follows Baker’s awakening to the realities of implicit racial bias and white privilege, and her journey as a participant in rectifying past inequities and changing structures of discrimination. Baker offers a non-judgmental personal narrative inviting readers of all kinds to explore the complexities of race in America and create solidarity towards buildings communities that value all people.

While there had been a few “aha” moments earlier in Baker's life, it was the discovery of the 1955 murder of Emmett Till, as a grandmother in her early sixties, which caused her response to move from her head to her heart. As she looked at the photos of Emmett Till's brutalized body, she felt the immediate and universal anguish every mother feels at the sight of such cruelty to a child. In that moment Baker realized, and felt, the reality and depth of her previous complacency. This awareness launched a review of the decades of her life and in An Unintentional Accomplice Baker puts the puzzle pieces together.  Read more...

What people are saying...
In this intimate memoir, ...Carolyn Baker...grapples with both the discomforts of dismantling whiteness and the desire to tolerate the discomfort in confronting injustices of racism.
~Aisha Dixon-Peters, Psy.D, University of La Verne, CA
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